Black – Earldom W11 HDMI Adapter From TypeC Port (4K Resolution)

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Earldom W11 HDMI Switch Jack Type C (4K Resolution)

– Is a product that converts from a USB Type-C port to an HDMI port to output the image to a TV or projector with 4K resolution
– Compatible with most newer macbooks that do not support HDMI ports and USB Type-C connectors
– In addition to supporting connecting to macbooks, the product also supports connecting phones, iPad with USB Type-C connection port for image output on TVs, monitors, projectors, …
– The product’s cable is shielded and multi-layer anti-interference for sharp image quality.
– Supports 4K / HD picture quality for all sharp and true viewing angles

The product’s cable is shielded and multi-layered anti-interference for sharp images

The product also supports connecting a phone, an iPad with a USB Type-C port for outputting images on TVs, monitors, projectors, …

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